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פתוח ימי : ראשון, חמישי, שישי ושבת בשעות 8:30-19:00
בימי חמישי בין 17:00-21:00 - פיצה בטאבון בחצר
ובחודשי אוגוסט המאפייה פתוחה כל היום

At our store you will find all the different things we make ourselves

The store is located in Amirim (where we all live), a small vegetarian village in the hills of the Galilee in Israel, known for its beauty and its lovely B&B guesthouses

Joy and Ariel, a mother and son team, bake wonderful wholemeal breads, pita bread and cakes and make Jam, cheese, hummus and other delicacies. We also serve coffee, so people can buy freshly baked goods and sit in our lovely garden for a cup of tea or coffee and a light meal.

We have recently started serving light meals - Soup, quiche and salad, etc. We also serve Breakfast every day (Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun) till 16:00. Breakfast includes our home baked goods, Coffee, eggs, vegetables, cheeses and more!

On Thursdays it's Pizza night! Ariel bakes whole meal pizza in the taboun, an outdoor open oven.

Netta runs the health food shop, selling organic produce and natural cosmetics.

Lhasa is a wood artist, making rustic style furniture and handcrafted toys, using twigs and branches leftover from tree pruning.

Dria sews dolls, bags and hats from new and recycled materials

We will be happy to see you! Open Thursday through Sunday 8:30-19:00

Free internet WiFi connection available.
More photos on our website:


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Amirim is situated in a nature reserve in one of the most beautiful locations in the Galilee with a panoramic view of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and the hills of  the Galilee. The strategic location of Amirim allows easy access to many attractions, making Amirim a popular option for visitors and guests.

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באמירים תוכלו להנות ממרכזי ספא המציעים מגוון טיפולי גוף ונפש בכל סגנונות העיסוי הקיימים. באמירים גם, מגוון של מטפלים המתמחים בטיפולים ספציפיים. לאורך השנה מתקיימות באמירים הרצאות וסדנאות בנושאי בריאות, צמחונות וטבעונות.

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