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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The internet site for Amirim Village (henceforth “the village”) provides its users with content and information related to the village.

The information published on the site is intended as an auxiliary tool for users and does not obligate the village in any way.

“The information” as referred to in these regulations: all the information published on the site including articles, reports, informative information, images, videos, personal and/or business advertisements, and/or business details,  forums.

The use of this website is subject to the following regulations and according to law.

Usage of the site and/or the forum connected to this site will be a declaration that the user has read these regulations and agreed to their conditions.

Site Use Conditions

  1. Usage requires that no information or partial information will be published in any way and/or will not be duplicated, photocopied, reproduced or printed for the purpose of publication and/or distribution in any way.
  2. All rights to this internet website including all its contents and all details herein are subject to change and are reserved to Amirim Village only.
  3. In a situation where there is a deviation or discrepancy between what is stated on this website and the information located in the village and/or provided by the village, the information provided by the village will take precedence.
  4. This site contains contents and/or images and/or links to third-party websites that are not owned by Amirim Village. These links are intended for the convenience of the user only. The village holds no control or ability to regulate these websites, and has no responsibility for the content that appears on them and is therefore not responsible for any damages and/or loss and/or expense that is caused to the user as a result of and/or related to what is published on third-party sites.
  5. Inclusion of these links on the village site does not provide any endorsement of the material that appears on them.
  6. The village does not have any responsibility for any damage caused by information and/or content that appears on forums either on this site and/or on third-party sites connected to this website, including comments received and consequences caused following publication of the contents and/or information.
  7. The village will not be responsible for the accuracy or correctness of the contents uploaded by users and/or other exhibits uploaded by users.
  8. The village will not be responsible for any error and/or fault and/or intermission caused while using this site.

Forums Conditions of Use

  1. Once you sign up to forums on the site, you have the right to use the forums according to these conditions:
    • The user will not publish content and/or files and/or images and/or messages or any other information that is illegal and/or has the ability to emotionally harm the public and/or harm the feelings of users of the forum and/or harm an individual’s privacy.
    • The user will not publish information of an indecent sexual nature or pornographic material, or information that is racist and/or threatening and/or harassing and/or that encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense.
    • The user will not upload any files that may be harmful to computers including files with viruses.
    • The user may only upload files whose property rights are theirs alone.
    • The user is prohibited from uploading files or videos that infringe on the copyrights of a third party.
  2. The forum administrator reserves the right to remove and/or delete messages and/or parts of messages published in the forum on his sole discretion.

Privacy Protection

  1. Upon registering to the site, the user will be required to complete a registration form that will include their private details.
  2. The details will be saved by the village for the purpose or sending advertisements and messages as defined in regulation #40 of the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting) of 1982. The user confirms his agreement to the sending of these advertisements.
  3. The user reserves the right to refuse the sending of advertisements by the village.


  1. The village reserves the right to modify these regulations from time to time without prior notice. The use of the site by users shall be made subject to these regulations that may change from time to time.
  2. Any questions or requests may be sent to

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Zimmers in Amirim

Amirim is situated in a nature reserve in one of the most beautiful locations in the Galilee with a panoramic view of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and the hills of  the Galilee. The strategic location of Amirim allows easy access to many attractions, making Amirim a popular option for visitors and guests.

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Bon Apetit in Amirim

Amirim guests will find a range of vegetarian-vegan restaurants and cafes and also breakfasts and chef meals brought directly to the zimmer, all of which offer the best of vegetarian-vegan cuisine. 

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Amirim for Body and spirit

באמירים תוכלו להנות ממרכזי ספא המציעים מגוון טיפולי גוף ונפש בכל סגנונות העיסוי הקיימים. באמירים גם, מגוון של מטפלים המתמחים בטיפולים ספציפיים. לאורך השנה מתקיימות באמירים הרצאות וסדנאות בנושאי בריאות, צמחונות וטבעונות.

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