Cheese and Wine Excursions

Cheese and Wine Excursions

Wine and Cheese (and other Culinary Delights) Tour in the Upper Galilee (recommended tour)

Lehem 77, bakery and patisserie, whole-wheat products 04 6980984
Shirat Ha’asavim, herb garden, guided tour about herbs. 04 6989820 (Book ahead)
Ein Camonim:
Goat cheese restaurant, shop for locally produced cheeses, olive oil press.(Open all week) 04-6989680
Rom Farm, goat cheese, high-quality homemade cheeses.(Open on Saturdays; for a weekday visit, book ahead) 04 9886174
Kfar Shammai:
Nahal Amud, boutique winery. (Book ahead) 04 9886174
Sifsaf, boutique winery, centre for winemaking equipment, high-quality local wines for sale. (Book ahead) 054 7498928
Yiron Winery, view outside to the surrounding scenery, and inside, of the container and barrel rooms, guided tours, wine tasting and cheese meal. Open Sunday-Friday. 04-6868740
Kerem Ben Zimra:
Ben Zimra boutique winery. (Book ahead) 050 5641305
Meils boutique winery. 04 6980623
Friedman boutique winery. (Book ahead) 050 5544115
Dalton Industrial Park:
Dalton Winery Visitors’ Centre. 04 6987683
Adir Dairy, high-quality goat cheeses. 04 6989571
Birya, boutique winery. 050 6405221
Kadosh Dairy, the original Safed dairy, no need to book. (Closed on Sat.) Hameiri Dairy, dairy and museum. (Book ahead) 052 3721609
Kadita boutique winery. (Book ahead) 04 6921963


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Around Amirim

Zimmers in Amirim

Amirim is situated in a nature reserve in one of the most beautiful locations in the Galilee with a panoramic view of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and the hills of  the Galilee. The strategic location of Amirim allows easy access to many attractions, making Amirim a popular option for visitors and guests.

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Bon Apetit in Amirim

Amirim guests will find a range of vegetarian-vegan restaurants and cafes and also breakfasts and chef meals brought directly to the zimmer, all of which offer the best of vegetarian-vegan cuisine. 

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Amirim for Body and spirit

באמירים תוכלו להנות ממרכזי ספא המציעים מגוון טיפולי גוף ונפש בכל סגנונות העיסוי הקיימים. באמירים גם, מגוון של מטפלים המתמחים בטיפולים ספציפיים. לאורך השנה מתקיימות באמירים הרצאות וסדנאות בנושאי בריאות, צמחונות וטבעונות.

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